30 Kasım 2014 Pazar

style 93

Hair: [LeLutka]-GEORGIE 
Jumpsuit: SugarBabeZ~Jumpsuit with NEW
Bag: Java New Back Pack Pink Kitty Complete Fit 
Footwear: :*BABY*: CandyPoP Sneakers 
EarMuffs : SugarBabeZ~Penguins ers muffs  NEW
gameboy: [M*G*S] Ninpendo DS White "Dr. MARUO

29 Kasım 2014 Cumartesi

style 92

Hair: tukinowaguma ellie ( envanter)
Dress: *SUGAR~BABEZ*~Gimme all the CupCakes Dress~Pink Icing NEW
Bag: NS:: Mesh Sweet bag
Footwear: SHEY AAliyah Stilettos(wear) NEW
Ring: SugarBabeZ~Bunny~Fae~rings NEW
hands & feet : slink 
slink nail appiller: Slink-Fingernails filigree and flowers *otm* marketplace
Neckace: MESH  free necklace marketplace

28 Kasım 2014 Cuma

style 91

Hair: Magika [01] Early 
outfit: (2Chez) Ribbon Bow Black Corset, Undies  & SLink HIGH Stilettos NEW
band:#187# bandage group gift 
hands & feet : slink

style 90

Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Shyanne rigged NEW
outfit: (2Chez) aria belted black dress & slink hıgh boot  NEW
Bag: +MIssnoise+-_style + doggy black bag gift 
glasses: [meisu] elation glasses GIFT
Neckace: Baubles! by Phe EarthOpalPendantNecklace Group Gift Box
hands & feet : slink

style 89

Skin & Appliers: ::PELLE- ELISA SKIN pale NEW
Hair: Exile:: Rising Tides NEW
Vest: MISSBOISE_style- Long fur vest NEW
Top: IIIis~Chestpiece
 Bodysuit: .PANİK. The long Bodysuit
Footwear: SHEY Pandora Boot NEW
Ring: *SUGAR~BABEZ*~The Snow Witch ring NEW
Bracelet: Baubles! by phe pitch bangles gift
Earrings: Baubles!by phe holidayhalfhoops  gift 
Neckace: *SUGAR~BABEZ*~Magestic Necklace~v2 NEW

27 Kasım 2014 Perşembe

style 88

Hair: ::PELLE::LOVE HAIR muki  NEW
vest : *Stelloane Zagobia vest NEW
top:[FOSSEGRIM]-simple tanktop marketplace
Bottom: Atik- mini skirt Rierol NEW
Footwear: SHEY Tara Ankle Boot NEW
Earrings: Baubles! by phe tubecoral Earrings gift
Umbrella: TBF Mesh Umbrellas v2 marketplace

26 Kasım 2014 Çarşamba

style 87

Skin & Appliers: ::PELLE:: MOIRA SKIN NEW
Hair: MOON{Hair}.flowers of december 
shirt: Missnoise_style*HOODED SHIRT BEAR UNISEX NEW
Bodysuit: .PANİK. The long Bodysuit
Bag: [Miseria]Bearnotes backpack things
Footwear: SHEY Octavia Boot  NEW
hands: slink
space: duck event

style 86

Hair:  AD- chance 
Bag: [LG] Boutique
Footwear:  SHEY  Sharon stilettos NEW
hands & feet slink

style 85

Hair: ~Tableay Vivaant~ Panther hair
cape: ISON winter cape NEW
Bottom: 2 Chez) Dagny Leggings
space: duck event

25 Kasım 2014 Salı

style 84

Hair: AD trouble clef 
Dress: *Stelloane Marine dress NEW
Footwear: *Stelloane Marine boot NEW 
hands & feet : slink
pipe: Leonard!sherlock pipe 
hat: sailor hat 

24 Kasım 2014 Pazartesi

style 83

Hair: .plom. YAR!
Outfit: *Stelloane Lolita outfit NEW 
Eye patch: +Missnoise+-Stud eye patch gift
hands & feet : slink
Weapon: female cyborg weapon envanter

23 Kasım 2014 Pazar

style 82

Hair: *ARGRACE* Welcomegift SAKURA
Top: *Stellone Goddess top NEW
Bottom: [LIV-Glam] elaine pants
Bag: pure poison- kinky clutch
Footwear: :)(: Eve temptation shoes
Bracelet: *centopallini key bracelet gift
Earrings: Mystic enchantreaa red earrings 

22 Kasım 2014 Cumartesi

style 81

Hair: [LeLutka]- POCAHONTAS 
Tunic: *Stellone Estellone tunic new
Bottom:[LG] Boutique shake ıt off leggins 
Bag: [7891.] chanil double bag
Footwear: baboom_ dolores- slink WEIB Special Sale room 
glasses : [SUPERNERD] - nerd glasses
hands & feet : slink

21 Kasım 2014 Cuma

style 80

Hair: AD k`leesish NEW
costum : *Stelloane OctoQueen outfit violet NEW
hands & feet : slink

style 79

Hair: AD -other NEW
Dress: *stelloane emilia dress 
Bag: #187#800 group gift
Footwear: [LG] Boutique WEIB Special Sale room 
Bracelet:&Neckace: *cento pallini*
slink nail appliler: ::cA.:: gift
hands& feet: slink

style 78

Hair: AD splash NEW
Dress: -yobasha- Natural Shades XY ROOM SALE EVENT  
Bag: moimoi  froral bow clutch gift
Footwear: Loordes of london- vermallion sling XY ROOM SALE EVENT  
Bracelet: slither bracelet
ankle: .:KC:. AZARIA Slink hing ankle chains WEIB Special Sale room 
Neckace: claMberry. butterfly necklace
glasses: ieQED ace.shades . yellow gift

7 Kasım 2014 Cuma

style 77

Jacket: [LIV-Glam]  Charlotte Rhino
Dress:[Infliction] Cory dress XY ROOM SALE EVENT  NEW 
Bag: [LG] Boutique Snake Clutch
Footwear: *Preptopia* New York booties WEIB Special Sale room NEW
hands & feet : slink
Earrings: Moon creystals Earrings
Neckace: Moon creystals necklace

6 Kasım 2014 Perşembe

style 76

Hair: tukinowaguma Casey   XY ROOM SALE EVENT  NEW
Outlet: [LG] Boutique-faal    XY ROOM SALE EVENT  NEW
Bag: {{BSD Desing studio}}my bamboo bag gift
Footwear: [LG]Boutique- Nola gem platforms WEIB Special Sale room NEW
Earrings: R.icielli-GEM WINGS Earrings gift 
hands & feet : slink

5 Kasım 2014 Çarşamba

style 75

Hair: AD- cointreeau NEW
Trench Coat : [LIV-Glam] ::Everyday::Amy fashion Trench Coat  
Footwear: [LG] Boutique-Fall serenity platform boot WEIB Special Sale room NEW  
hands & feet : slink
 slink nail applier: sweet torture WEIB Special Sale room NEW 
Umbrella: TBF Umbrella 
sunglasses: K_gs tanya
Iphone :moimoi  Iphone  5C- yellow gift
cigaret: [NikotiN]

style 74

Top: *C- Mesh shirt Alex
Bottom: A&CO-Retro shorts
Footwear: Wicca's Wardrobe- Dana Heels WEIB Special Sale room NEW  
hands & feet: slink
cigaret: [NikotiN]
slink nail applier: Flair- fingernails applier

4 Kasım 2014 Salı

style 73

Hair: *~*Damselfly*~* Sancia Rigged NEW
Top: [R] Stink Pretty Opium Corset gift
Bottom: Blueberry Kristy *mesh* Pleated Zimpped skirts
Socks and Warmers: GarterSocks and Warmers WEIB Special Sale room NEW 
Footwear: ..KC.. SERENA for slink hing WEIB Special Sale room NEW
hands & feet : slink
slink hands nail : **{FORMANAİLS}**for slink hands nail WEIB Special Sale room NEW
cigaret: [NikotiN]

3 Kasım 2014 Pazartesi

style 72

Hair: *~*Damselfly*~* Avril 
tunic: SALIMA Irregular mesh tunic pink Sheer
Bottom: Iffyta booty shorts
Bag: Swallow JD Stereo bag
Footwear: *Stelloane  Lovana boots WEIB Special Sale room NEW
hands & feet : slink
nail slink appiler: JaM - Slink FINGERNAIL WEIB Special Sale room NEW

style 71

Hair: *~*Damselfıy*~* Julia
Jacket: *chronokit* motorcycle jacket
Bottom: :{MV}: 
Bag: +Missnoise+ nightmare before christmas bag gift
Footwear: .:KC:.Cheryl ankle boots for slink hing WEIB Special Sale room NEW
hands & feet : slink 
nail slink appiler: animal kingdome nail slink WEIB Special Sale room NEW

style 70

Hair: Alice Project- Adore-
hat: Leverocci- SS12 Field hat
Blazer: Belgravia- Formal Blazer
Bottom: Alyce- Skinny jeans 
Footwear: ..KC.. BulletProof ''Baby'' for slink WEIB Special Sale room NEW
hands & feet : slink
slink hands nail appiller: diva Locker  WEIB Special Sale room NEW
Bracelet: [DDL] Toca Para mi... (bracelet) gift
Pet: Zooby